Sunday, October 25, 2015


During my schooling days I was member of environment based club called Climate change learning center form where I was opportune to get knowledge about climate change. Now, I am conducting workshops in two different schools near my university to beware the children about the climate crises and ways to mitigate those issues voluntarily on weekly basis. 

Few months back, a catastrophic 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal and destroyed thousands of lives and property. After the mayhem, some of the enthusiastic youths like me began a "Donation for Nepal’ campaign, in which we received around US$38,000 in donation. We reached out to 11 villages (1100 households, which had around 5,500 inhabitants) with immediate relief ;non perishable food, first aid, and temporary shelters. We started as Individuals but by the end of the relief work we have established ourselves as an NGO called Pailo Paila, which means "the first step" and I am one of the founding member of this organization. 

Currently, i am working on a WWF project "solid waste management and home gardening at city areas” under the mentorship of Dr. KC Poudel, secretary of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment. 

Earthquake destructions are caused due to poor building constructions and neglect of the geography of the residential area. Landscape management is of supreme importance in the reconstruction of Nepal in order to resist future quake catastrophes. I have conducted three days workshop at Sindupalchok district of Nepal, one of the highly earthquake prone area on "Conservation education through life skill activity."

I am also a founder and vice-president of youth organization called youth for agri welfare, we work for the empowerment of youth and children by engaging them to mitigate different aspect of landscape challenges. 

I am a student of agriculture and environment science. I am also a traveller, my frequent travels to various parts of the country have showed me the various ways to solve environment-related problems of Nepal. I have been working to solve these challenges together with various socials workers, students and youth-led organizations.

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  1. I always wanted to take part in organizations and activities through which we can help the environment, and from your story, I will be starting soon.