Saturday, May 30, 2015


On April 25, 2014 our country faced another and most tragic catastrophe of the century, a 7.9 Richter scale earthquake. After a narrow escape somehow I managed to survive the mayhem. 
I decided to conduct a fund raising campaign in collaboration with local Redcross at Chitwan tandi.  With collected amount I had a thought to go to Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and serve for humanity while everyone were moving away form Kathmandu for safety. 

We began a campaign known as Donation for Nepal, on Facebook, creating account on The campaign was from just an individual accompanied by a group of enthusiastic youth like me working for the nation asking donation from friends, family and near and dear ones. 
And the very first day we started receiving overwhelming support. With the amount we were receiving, we stared supplying emergency relief supplies like Rice, grams, tarpaulins, beaten rice, infant food, sanitation, sanitary pads and medical supplies. I went to sindupalchock district; one of the hardly hit by earthquake and epicenter. I along with the team of the place I was volunteering went there twice with supplies and reconstruction of temporary shelters. Our convoy then left for other hard hit districts like Nuwakot, outskirts of Kathmandu, kavryaplanchock and South Lalitpur. 

I had the most wonderful lifetime opportunity to coordinate and work with locals of those districts and foreign volunteer who were also volunteering for Donation for Nepal. We joined efforts in clearing up wreckages of national heritage along with the houses. I was also engaged in construction of temporary pit latrines as well the houses in 4 of the villages of Sindhupalchowk, Lalitpur and Nuwakot. After working rigorously and relentlessly for 19 days after earthquake with the support of my team I left to one of the western districts of Nepal which had been overshadowed by most of the capital surrounded districts. I went there to do a survey and further supply emergency relief which included rice, lentils and high energy instant food. At the moment due to my upcoming final examinations I am at my College preparing for my papers. Whereas my group is still going strong and are constructing temporary shelters and schools. I am very excited to be joining them again after I finish my examinations. We are also planning for reconstruction of wrecked school in one of my home village in my leadership in collaboration with District education office/District development office Parbat.


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  3. I love being a part of such organizations. And I really liked that you shared your experience with us. Thank you for posting this on your blog.

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